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Style Ideas for Brides with Short Hair

Having short hair as a bride can frequently be seen as limiting and difficult to handle – but truth be told, it can be the most amazing thing ever too! The secret to a beautiful short hair style lies in finding the perfect combination between hair and color to suit your personality, face shape, and overall bridal style.

What are some of the best style ideas for brides with short hair? We’ve gathered some tips for you – so read on if you need some inspiration.

  • Add a pretty accessory to it. You don’t have to go too much over the top to achieve an elegant, beautiful, unique hairstyle as a short-haired bride. A pretty flower crown, a crystal hairband, a dainty little precious accessory – that’s all you need to make your short or short-to-medium hair look really amazing.

  • Get it up in a chignon. This is by far one of the most popular wedding hairstyles ever- and yes, you can totally rock it with short hair too! Your hairstylist will have to pay attention to the way the hair is pulled up, but it can definitely be done – and it will look stunning!

  • A boho-chic braided updo. Yes, you read that right – it can definitely be done for short hair too. You might not be able to pull this off with a very short pixie haircut, but a short bob will definitely make do. Again, it’s all about attention to detail and patience!

Looking for the most talented and professional wedding hairstylist in Pittsburgh? Contact eDry Bar and book us for your magical wedding day! We will make sure your hair looks picture-perfect regardless of how long or short it may be, or how simple or complex you want your hairdo to be! Book us and you won’t regret it!

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